Writerly Resources

I like to learn from smart people. This isn’t hard; smart people are everywhere, and thanks to the internet, everywhere is a lot closer than it used to be.

Of course, if I tried to learn only from smart people just like me (given that I’m a Mormon Texan tall freckled female fiction writer who thinks welcome mats are a serious security breach because vampires), I wouldn’t learn much of anything from anybody.

Here are some people I’ve learned nifty things from that directly or indirectly pertain to writing. Most of them are pretty different from me, but I’ve learned a lot from them anyway. I’ll keep adding to this list as I keep learning; stay tuned!

Writing Craft & Technique

Brandon Sanderson’s Laws of Magic (all three are worth checking out)

Robert McKee on Dialogue

Storytelling: Plot & Genre

Know your genre’s tropes and cliches (black hole warning: you tell yourself you’ll only follow one more link reference. Just… one… more…)

General Career Advice

Awesomeness from JK Rowling at Harvard

Short Story Markets

Ralan.com (a comprehensive and regularly updated list of short story markets, sorted by pro, semi-pro, etc – and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, each market listing includes genre and length requirements.)

Douglas Smith’s Foreign Market List (besides this very handy list of foreign markets open to short story submissions in English for translation, Douglas Smith is a great writer and has lots of other nifty resources and advice and cool stuff on his website. Check it out.)

Business & Publishing

The Creative Penn podcast (black hole warning: more than 300 excellent episodes in many different formats. Learn at your own risk.)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Business Musings (blogs about business on Thursdays, posts free short fiction on Mondays, and is a great person to learn from every day of the week. Check out her Freelancer’s Survival Guide – free on her website and available wherever books are sold.)

Dean Wesley Smith (a daily blog about life as a professional fiction writer, with nonfiction books posted chapter by chapter as they’re written.)

The Passive Voice (interesting things posted here daily – about books, about writers, about publishing, and about true things too weird to be fiction.)