Light Keeps Going

I love the stars. I lived in the Texas Hill Country for many years. In the front yard you could look straight up and see the milky way like a bright splash across the sky. (I honestly never learned to identify any constellations fancier than the Big Dipper and Orion, though.)

The beautiful thing about star light is that the light we see on earth today is actually ancient. That light has been traveling for thousands or millions of years to reach us (depending on how far away the star in question is).

That means that there are some stars we might see tonight that actually went out years and years ago, but since the light is traveling from so far away, the end of that light hasn’t reached us. In other words, to us, those dead stars are still shining.

And our planet isn’t the end of the universe, either. All the starlight that we see doesn’t stop because it’s reached the end of its journey. That light doesn’t know who sees it; it just keeps going.

Space is infinite. So in theory, because light keeps going, stars shine forever – somewhere. Light never stops.

I’ve seen the good acts of others cause echoes in other people’s lives that keep going for generations. A good man once shared a piece of advice with me that he had received from his mentor in his youth. I realized as I listened to him that his mentor was a good and humble man who had no idea that his words were still being repeated – and bringing great comfort – decades later.

You might worry that you’re one small person in one big universe, and you can’t possibly make a difference.

Don’t worry about it. Just shine.

You’ll never know which kind words and good deeds make a difference, just as a star doesn’t know as it shines which particles of light will take your breath away on a cold clear night. But stars keep on shining anyway, and our dark nights are more beautiful for it.

Your light will change lives. It will change you. It will change those around you. Be kind. Be brave. Be honest.

Just shine.

Because light keeps going.


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